Top 10 Courses on Udemy to Master Photography

Photography is an easy hobby to pick up, but can be difficult to master. Learning from experts in the field is usually the best way to learn. Taking a course from some of these experts is available through Udemy. Udemy allows you to purchase a course that comes with tens to hundreds of lectures that you can watch at your own pace. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 online courses Udemy offers for photographers. Whether you’re just starting out, or want to start making money doing what you love, these classes provide you the opportunity to take you’re photography to the next level:

1.  Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography

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What Will You Learn?
  • You will know how to take amazing photos that impress your family and friends
  • You will know how the camera truly works, so you can take better photos using manual settings
  • You will know how to photograph in different scenarios like photographing kids, landscapes, panoramas, wildlife, and much more
  • You will know how to edit your photos like a professional
  • You will know how to compose images beautifully with basic photography rules
  • You will know how to make money with photography
  • You will know how to light your subjects with flash and natural lighting
  • You will know how to take better photos with your smart phones
  • You will know the history of photography

2. Beginner Digital Photography, How Do I Use My Camera?

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What Will You Learn?
  • You will learn how to see your images in a more sophisticated way, like a professional photographer.
  • You will add exposure to your photographer’s tool belt and learn how it impacts many visual elements of your images.
  • You will learn how to adjust your aperture and why you would choose one aperture over another.
  • You will learn how to adjust your shutter speed and why you would choose one shutter speed over another.
  • You will learn how all of the modes (Auto, P, S, A and M) work and when you should be using each mode.
  • You will learn to recognize the difference between depth-of-field blur and motion blur.

3. Photography – Become a Better Photographer

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What Will You Learn?
  • To explain camera settings
  • To demonstrate easy tips for getting sharp images
  • To show how an understanding of light and composition is worth more to you than a whole bagful of camera accessories
  • Raise awareness of the possibilities for taking great photos
  • To demonstrate easy ways of taking amazing outdoor portraits
  • To show some great ways of getting better landscape photos
  • To provide tips on getting better flash photos indoors
  • To show how to take better photos in specific environments (e.g snow, indoors by a window etc…)
  • To help understand image quality, resolution and the different camera types
  • To realise the great potential you have for becoming a great photographer

4. How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer

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What Will You Learn?
  • You will be able to recognize marketable images
  • You will be able to create beautiful images
  • You will be able to price for profit
  • You will be able to design your business around your interests
  • You will begin to see all the photo opportunities for marketable imagery

5. The Ultimate Photography Course For Beginners

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What Will You Learn?
  • You will walk away with A COMPLETE package of knowledge on all the basic understandings you need in photography.
  • Various composition techniques that will help you improve your photos dramatically.
  • An overview and explanation of what a good workflow in photography looks like.
  • The required skills on how to organize your photos better and more effectively, and how to post-process them into amazing looking images.
  • A deeper philosophy and understanding of photography.

6. Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC

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What Will You Learn?
  • Learn How To Master Photoshop CC
  • Take Your Creativity To The Next Level
  • Practical real-life lessons that are essential for the creative professional.
  • Complete working files for you to follow along at your own pace.

7. Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

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What Will You Learn?
  • Become a successful wedding photographer
  • Start a wedding photography business and build a brand
  • Price and create photography packages that sell
  • Create a wedding photography website and portfolio
  • Get your first client
  • Shoot amazing wedding photos from pre-ceremony getting ready to the last dance
  • Know how to pose and interact with couples and big groups
  • Make money as a wedding photographer
  • Edit photos in Lightroom and Photoshop to make them look better
  • Shoot engagement photos
  • Build the perfect equipment kit with cameras, lenses, lights, and extras
  • Grow your business and be a happy photographer

8. The Art of Black and White Photography

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What Will You Learn?
  • How to create technically optimal and aesthetically stunning black and white images with Photoshop.
  • How to develop an effective, powerful, and efficient black and white workflow.
  • How to use a range of black and white conversion techniques to maximise the impact of your images.
  • How to evaluate the tonal range and tonal balance of an image in order to work out the changes that need to be made during subsequent post-production.
  • How to use the histogram effectively.
  • How to create and use adjustment layers.
  • How to use masks to seamlessly blend two or more adjustment layers.
  • How to use the Curves tool, Photoshop’s most powerful tool, to apply both global and selective changes to the tonal range and tonal balance of your images.
  • How to blend two or more conversion techniques within the same image.
  • How to smooth skin tones, a technique that’s especially useful for portraits of women and children.
  • How to lighten your subject’s eyes.
  • How to maximise the detail in your subject’s face: especially suitable for male portraiture.
  • How to add unique and compelling tones to your images to really bring them to life.

9. Portrait Photography Masterclass – Photoshop Pro Techniques

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What Will You Learn?
  • Fix common issues in the photos (“flat” images, washed out sky, eyes in the shadow, low contrast, lack of definition, lack of details and texture)
  • Master the most powerful Photoshop adjustment tool- The Curves
  • Learn how to work with masks and how to blend them in a seamless way
  • Learn efficient and quick workflow based on Adjustment Layers
  • Learn useful techniques to pick out details and in an intelligent way sharpen selected areas in the photo
  • Massively improve images by applying targeted adjustments in a few simple steps
  • Increase distinction in the photographs & add drama
  • Work with “non destructive” techniques to further enhance the images
  • Realize artistic vision with help of presented powerful Photoshop techniques
  • Brighten & enhance subject’s eyes
  • Perform basic clean up on subject’s skin
  • Introduce highlights to the subject’s hair

10. Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography

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What Will You Learn?
  • Learn a variety of techniques to photograph architecture and real estate properties.
  • How to find the best angle
  • How to light with flash or strobe lights
  • How to fix bad color
  • How to achieve perfect interior light and exterior light
  • How to photograph a room or a hotel
  • JB

    Thanks for the list. Im going to have to try some of these courses. I just began in photography about a year ago and Id like to start making money. Any tips for me?

  • Phillip Salyer

    I have actually taken the first one on the list for a lot more than 15 bucks lol Gotta say it’s a great complete tutorial for photography…