Google Timeline: How to View (And Turn Off) Your Location History in Google Maps

Have you ever wondered if your phone is tracking you? If Google Maps is installed on your phone (which is likely the case for iPhone and Android users), the answer is probably yes!

Google Maps has a feature most users are not aware of: Google Timeline. This built-in feature was added about a year ago, and allows Maps to keep a very detailed history of all locations logged with your phone’s location service. In order to access this feature click here or follow these steps (taken directly from


desktop intructions google timeline


android intructions google timeline


There is currently no way to access your timeline on the mobile device, but according to the site, your location history is saved. You can then access your timeline on your desktop using the instructions above. Make sure you are logged into the same Google profile that is used on your phone.

After going into the timeline this is what it will look like:

google timeline

As you can see, every place you have been is saved in the Google Maps history and into Google Timeline. What’s even more amazing, it tracks each trip you have taken (including information on the route, distance, way of travel, time, start point, and end point) as shown below.

google timeline route


Now you’re probably wondering, is there a way I can turn this off? Yes, and it’s pretty simple. On your desktop, go into Google Timeline and click ‘Pause Location History’ located at the bottom of the page.

google timeline off

This will prevent future location history tracking on Google Maps. However, it will not delete previous tracked locations. In order to remove these, first double click on the location dot. Then hit the trash can to delete from the Google Maps history.

google timeline delete

If you wish to keep your location history active, others are not able to see it (according to Google). The lock shown right next to ‘Timeline’, as seen above, indicates it is only visible to you.

Any questions? Feel free to comment below!