Drones: The Future

Droning….. One of the best hobbies out there for us tech-minded people. Do you like flying? Photography? Photogrammetry? Making a profit from a hobby? Just seeing some beautiful scenery right in your backyard?  If your answer is yes, droning is your next hobby. With a little color correction/grading, it can create some truly amazing footage:

I have slowly gotten into this rewarding hobby over the past several months.  I found it very easy to get into. First thing I needed was a drone. So I hopped into amazon.com and looked at some of the best selling, highly rated drones. I was able to find a cheap, easy to fly beginner drone: SYMA X5C (Amazon Link). It is easy to fly and has 2 modes: a beginner and an advanced (allows quicker sharper movement) for those who learn quickly.  After receiving my package 2 days later (can’t beat amazon prime). I opened it up and took this little beast for a test flight.


Syma X5C

After flying indoors I decided to take it outside and into a little wind. Surprisingly it held up alright in 5 to 10 mph wind. This has sparked my interest enough for me to purchase the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone that I will show in a future article (trust me, it can create some amazing 400 feet high cinematography).