6 Awesome Apps to Easily Customize your iPhone

Do you want to “Pimp your phone”? Then your going to need several awesome apps to customize the appearance of your iPhone. Below I will be discussing applications in the App Store which take full command of the iPhone’s customization features.

I should also note that jailbreaking your iPhone voids your warranty. Of course, it offers some benefits, such as more freedom in customization, but it comes with risks. If you’re looking for ways to personalize your iPhone without jailbreaking it, consider exploring apps developed by reputable iPhone app development companies such as the iphone app development sydney.

Before we begin…

Instead of using an app, you could always take a photo to use as your wallpaper. A lot of people don’t realize how awesome the iPhone’s camera can be when used with the right settings and tools. Check out this course on Udemy by Chet Davis called “iPhone Photography Secrets” to get a complete overview, and learn all the less-known features of the camera on the iPhone. Out of the several I’ve tried, it’s by far been my favorite iPhone photography course.

1. Pimp Your Screen

pimp your screenart pimp your screnn iphone customization
Cost: $1.99
App Store Page
One of the best customization apps out there, Pimp Your Screen allows you to customize the background, shelves (apps look like they’re on shelves), themes, and icon skins. You can add fire effects to icons, and design your own app logos. The app allows you to use a drawing tool to design app backgrounds. In addition, it features the ability to customize the lock screen. The locking animation and the background can be adjusted. Also included are a wide variety of images that you can mix and match. It is optimized for iOS 9, and easily worth the $1.99 price tag.

2. Custom Keyboard

custom keyboard iphone customizecustom keyboard iphone customization

Cost: Free (In-App Purchases Included)
App Store Page
This app allows you to completely revamp your keyboard. Change color, symbols, font, patterns, gradients, and more. Even add different sound effects. The default emoji keyboard is included.

3. Cartoon Home Screen Wallpaper

cartoon iphone customization wallpaperscustom wallpaper cartoon maker iphone

Cost: Free
App Store Page
This app is all about cuteness, and expressing yourself. The app offers cartoon-ish icons and wallpapers. Some famous brands include Pikachu, Hello Kitty, Powerpuff Girls, and Winnie the Pooh. Also, the app includes frames for web pages and your home screen. The best part about all this? It’s all included for free with no in-app purchases.

4. FancyLock

custom lock screen iphone fancylock

Cost: Free (In-App Puchases)
App Store Page
This app specializes in customizing the lock screen on the iPhone. You can choose a custom wallpaper, and unlocking /locking animations. There are some beautiful designs included within FancyLock. This app is free except for several in-app purchases.

5. Cuptakes

cuptakes customize iphone appearancecuptakes iphone customization calendar

Cost: $0.99
App Store Page
This app is very popular because of its ‘girly’ backgrounds. However, there are several choices that appeal to all. Some designs even include a calendar, allowing you to take a quick look at the date. If you want high quality images and designs for your iPhone, this is the app for you.

6. Magic Screen

magic screen iphone customize

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)
App Store Page
Magic Screen is a really neat app that creates ‘magic’ effects for your backgrounds, lock screen, app icons, and calendar. It allows editing, filters, different shapes, borders, shadows and more. Turn any background into a ‘Magic’ one. You can even customize the theme per month for your calendar. It has over 100 fonts that you can utilize.

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