How to Create a 3D Model From any Youtube Video using Photogrammetry

Creating a 3D model from a Youtube video (or any video for that matter) is simple, and yields some pretty amazing results. Follow these steps (as shown in detail in the video) to create your own model:

  1. Get familiar with photogrammetry.
  2. Find a Youtube video appropriate for photogrammetry. The best videos are usually aerial shots of a stationary object (statutes, buildings, landscapes, etc.). It is important that the footage shows a complete 360° view of the object.
  3. Screenshots need to be captured from the video. Preferably around 50 images (look at photogrammetry tips) should be obtained from the video. There are two options that make this possible:
    • Download the video: replace https://www. in the Youtube URL with SS. This will pull up a page that allows you to download the video in several different levels of quality (go with 1080p). After download, use VLC Player to capture the screenshots (Under the menu Video -> Take Snapshot).
    • Don’t download the video: Go to YoutubeScreenshot and paste in the URL of the video. You are then able to play the video and take screenshots when desired. Warning: This method can be very time consuming.

  4. After obtaining enough screenshots, there are several programs that are able process the images and create your model. Here are my two favorite (and both free):
    1. Altizure: This is my personal favorite. Several steps are required in order to sign up on this site, but it’s worth it. After signing up, click on Create a Project on the main page. Upload your photos and wait for the images to be processed. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.
    2. Autodesk 123D Catch: Sign up is required, but it’s very quick and easy. After downloading 123D Catch from the website, open it and upload the caaltizure exploreptured images. Hit ‘Create’, and after 10 – 20 minutes your model will be finished.
  5. Enjoy your model. Maybe even 3D print it! You can also visit original site to know more about printing and printing services.

Models can be turned into 3D printable files!