15 Best Premiere Pro Tutorials of 2016

Premiere Pro is a great tool to make professional looking videos. The latest installment of this widely used post-processing program is Premiere Pro CC. It can be purchased here for $19.99/month through Adobe Creative Cloud. Premiere Pro CC can be a little overwhelming when you first open it up. So you’re probably wondering: what can I do with it, and how do I do it? We’ve got you covered! Here are the 15 best Premiere Pro tutorials of 2016:

A quick tip: Want to get a comprehensive overview of everything Premiere Pro offers? Udemy currently offers a great online course that covers just about everything you need to know (45 lectures worth of information you watch at your own pace): Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro

1. The Basics

New to Premiere Pro? Or maybe need a refresher? This video gives a great overview of the many features and tools within the program.

2. Color Grading

Ever wonder how to get that cinematic film look in Premiere Pro? Watch this how-to video to find out how to use color grading to achieve this effect.

3. Speed Ramping

Learn how to slow down time with this tutorial. Use it to create a slow motion effect seen in action movies (most famously in the movie ‘300’).

4. Jitter / Camera Shake / Earthquake Effect

Follow along with this tutorial to find out how to create a professional jitter effect. This is a similar effect seen in many movie trailers to heighten the suspense.

5. Double Exposure

Create a unique ‘see-through’ effect by using double exposure. A very artistic look can be achieved.

6. Flicker Transition

Skip the boring fade transition! Learn how to create a professional flicker transition in this tutorial.

7. Logo Animation Intro

Liven up your video intros with tutorial. Create 3D animations with fancy lighting effects.

8. Keyboard Shortcuts and Tools

One of the best ways to speed up your Premiere Pro workflow is to use keyboard shortcuts. This video gives a great overview of all essential shortcuts and tools.

9. Closed Captions

Add closed captions to your videos to make sure all your viewers are able to follow along with your video, sound on or off.

10. Make Your Own Gif from Video

Create your own unique gif with Premiere Pro from video. Share it on social media, and maybe it’ll go viral?

11. Best HD Render Settings

Have a great video, but just can’t seem to get it optimized for 1080p? Use these settings shown in the video to obtain the best quality HD video.

12. How to Use Warp Stabilizer

Have a shaky video? Use Warp Stabilizer to smoothen it out. No need for those thousands of dollars ‘steadycam’  rigs!

13. Vintage Film Look

The mood of your video can be dramatically changed using post-processing techniques. Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to create that perfect old, vintage film look.

14. Sin City Effect

This how-to demonstrates the method used to make one color ‘pop’ while all the rest turn to black-and-white.

15. Tilt Shift Effect

Fan of the ‘small-world’ films? Use this tutorial to to create a small-model scene from your ordinary video in Premiere Pro.

That wraps up the 15 best Premiere Pro tutorials of 2016! Have your own favorite tutorials? Please share and comment below. Fan of tech articles like these? Stay updated by subscribing to the weekly newsletter and liking TheHighTechHobbyist on Facebook!

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