Time Lapse Videos

Time lapses are great. Who wants to watch an hour long video when you can fit that same video into a minute film? Add in a few effects and music, and you have a serious mini-film:

This half hour drive wasn’t all that exciting. But sped up 30x? It’s a blast to watch. Using the app FrameLapse, I was able to record this video on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7). I also used a Universal Car Windshield Mount (amazon link) to keep my phone in place on the windshield (it’s very adjustable).  FrameLapse is a great app, and there are many more apps that are able to accomplish a similar result (just search for ‘Time Lapse’ in the app store). It takes pictures anywhere from every 0.1 to 60 seconds (I used 0.5 seconds) and then puts it into a video format. I’ve used this app to capture sunrises, sunsets, making dinner, cleaning up the house, and car rides. All put into cinematic minute long videos. What can you time lapse? Give it a try and post some video links into the comments.