Photogrammetry: 10 Tips and Tricks

Photogrammetry has endless potential. But, it takes practice and a few pieces of advice to get high quality models. Here are 10 tips to making awesome 3D models of everything around you:

1. Don’t take pictures of shiny/reflective objects. It will only screw up the points the software identifies.

2. Take pictures of evenly lit subjects/objects.

3. Avoid objects with large areas of solid colors. The software will not be able to identify any unique points in this area = large holes in the 3D mesh.

4. Follow this path when taking pictures:

tips to shoot

5. For smaller objects I use a turntable I found on Amazon (or you can use any turntable found in the kitchen)

6. If using a camera, use the manual function to keep exposure and focus the same throughout. This helps the software recognize consistent points between photos.

7. If using a phone to take pictures, use apps such as Open Camera to lock the exposure and the focus.

8. Try to capture all angles of the object/subject. The more the software can see, the better your final results.

3d models

For odd shaped objects: try to capture as many angles as possible.

9. Software is not as important as the images you capture. There are many, many programs that are able to produce similar quality models, but some will leave you broke. Start out with cheaper, or even free software (123D Catch). The quality difference is not really noticeable.

10. Be patient. It takes practice before you’re able to get great quality 3D models. Have fun with it and share your cool 3D objects!