Must Have Accessories for the DJI Phantom Drone

Now that you have that brand new DJI Phantom drone (likely due to all those great Black Friday sales), you’re probably wondering: what should I buy next? I’ve got you covered! Here are the must have DJI Phantom drone accessories that every Phantom drone owner needs (also check out Must Have Phantom Apps):

1. Backpack

Traveling a lot with your Phantom? Make sure to get a backpack light enough to carry long distances, but strong enough to protect your beloved quadcopter. The one shown above has enough room for the drone, controller, tablet, and anything else you might need.

2. ND Filters

Ever notice your videos turn out terrible when shooting in the middle of the day? It’s an easy fix. These ND (neutral-density) filters reduce the amount of light that enters the drone’s lens. The end result is much higher quality footage. Watch out for cheap ND filters; they usually are too good to be true.

3. Graduated Filters

Similar to ND filters, but only one-half of the lens has an ND filter. This can be useful to block out the bright sunlight from the sky, while still allowing the normal amount of light in from below.

4. Range Booster

Simple, but very effective. These boosters attach right on to your controller’s antenna, greatly increasing your drone’s range. I’ve found my range has increased by 50% when using this.

5. Carrying Case

A carrying case is essential if you ever want to go anywhere with your Phantom drone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people break there drone while transporting it. This case sports a solid outside to protect from drops, while cushioning your drone from the inside.

6. Camera Lens Protective Cover

Worried about the delicate camera and gimbal attached to your drone? I don’t blame you, it’s the most vulnerable component on the quadcopter. Make sure to buy a protective lens cover that keeps the gimbal stationary.

7. Monitor Hood

Annoyed with the glare on your tablet or smartphone when flying during the day? Be sure to pick up a monitor hood to block all that bright sunlight.

8. Extra Props

You’re bound to run into something eventually. Whether it’s a tree or just a bad landing, extra replacement props are a necessity.

9. Extra Battery

If you love piloting your drone, this is a no-brainer. Purchase an extra battery or two for yourself to extend the amount of time you can be up in the air. This is especially true if you’re frequently out at different locations.

10. Micro SD Card

You find the perfect location to get some aerial photos; you take out your drone, launch it, hit record, and…….. SD card is full. I can almost guarantee the stock micro SD card has run out of space faster than you can remember to clear it. Don’t be left stranded with a full SD card. Purchase an extra, but make sure it’s compatible with the Phantom drone (the one shown above is).

11. Gear VR / Other VR Device

Want to feel like your sitting in the cockpit of your drone? Purchase a Gear VR (for Samsung Galaxy users) or another VR device. Several apps, including Litchi, now feature the ability to live stream your drone’s video into VR. It’s definitely something every drone user should experience.

12. Shoulder and Neck Lanyard

Want to change the settings on your tablet/phone while flying, but nervous your going to drop and break that huge Phantom controller? Make sure to purchase a full shoulder and neck lanyard that’ll prevent any unfortunate drops.

13. Photoshop

While not exactly a physical accessory, Photoshop is a must for any serious drone user who wants professional quality photographs. Premiere Pro is also an option to edit footage captured from the quadcopter.

14. Battery Charging Hub

Just purchased a few extra batteries and want to efficiently charge them all at once? Purchase a battery charging hub to charge up to four batteries at once.


Have any other accessories for the DJI Phantom drone? Please let me know in the comments!