25 Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2016

Want to do some amazing things with Photoshop? Something like you’d see in magazines or even on TV? Starting with the basics to some truly awesome effects here are the 25 best Adobe Photoshop tutorials of 2016.

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1. The Basics

Have to start somewhere. If you’re new to Photoshop, or just need a refresher, here are the most basic tools of photo manipulation.

2. Give Yourself Facial Hair

Missing facial hair? No worries! Digitally give yourself an amazing beard.

3. Splattered Photo

Use a subject in your photograph to splatter and disperse colors around. A similar effect is seen in many current advertisements.

4. Create a Caricature of Yourself

Manipulate a photo of yourself into a carnival-like caricature. Maybe print it out on a big poster?

5. Create Latte Art

Love those faces and designs made in your drink at the local coffee shop? Create your own, without ever having to leave your computer.

6. Put Face Paint On

Want a cool new profile picture to support your favorite team? Learn how to use Photoshop to paint a design on your face.

7. Low Poly Portrait

Ever want to look like an old video game character? Here’s how to low poly-ize yourself.

8. Pop-Out Photo Effect

Love those pop-out books as a kid? Make one of your images look like one with this tutorial.

9. Camouflage Yourself

Jealous of chameleons? Learn how to camouflage yourself into any image with this Photoshop lesson.

10. Pencil Sketched Portrait

Lack some artistic skills? Use a little editing in Photoshop to make yourself into a sketch without ever having to pick up a pencil.

11. Give Yourself a Tattoo

Try out a tattoo before permanently having it the rest of your life! Use this tutorial to take an image of your tattoo and digitally add it to your skin.

12. Double Exposure Effect

Use two pictures to create one. This technique was used long before Photoshop by using two separate exposures.

13. Fiery Portrait

Learn how to create the same effect used in many action movie posters.

14. Ink Smudge Effect

Create an awesome looking smudged ink image using a unique paint brush and a little help from this how-to.

15. Comic Book an Image

Want to make an image look like it came straight out of a comic book? Watch this video to learn how!

16. Watercolor a Picture

Learn how to manipulate a photograph to create a beautiful watercolored portrait.

17. Skin Shedding Effect

Manipulate your photo to make it look like your a snake shedding its skin. Creepy, but fascinating!

18. Levitate Yourself

Wonder what it looks like if you could levitate? Wonder no more with these Photoshop instructions.

19. Create Blueprint Plans from an Image

Use an image of a house, or a famous landmark, to create a written up blueprint design with Photoshop.

20. Place an Image in Text

Use an image and a word, or maybe a famous quote, to create some really cool text.

21. Disintegration Effect

Want your subject to disintegrate away into the wind? Use this tutorial to find out how.

22. Create a Text Portrait

Take an image and some text to create an intriguing portrait.

23. Add Rain to Any Image

Have an interesting photo, but feel like it’s missing something? Add rain! Note: This tutorial has multiple parts (only first one shown below).

24. Add a Sunset

Took a great photo, but not at that perfect time? No problem! Add your own sunset with this Photoshop tutorial.

25. Give Yourself a Tan

Need a tan, but don’t have the time to sit out in the sun all day? Use Photoshop to digitally give yourself that beautiful Summer tan.

These are the best 25 how-tos of 2016 when it comes to advanced photo manipulation in Photoshop. Have your own favorite tutorial? Please share in the comments!

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