15 Best After Effects Tutorials for 2018

Just getting into Adobe After Effects? Or maybe you’re a veteran video editor wanting to learn a few new tricks? Either way you’ll find some helpful tutorials here, all on the almighty YouTube!  Haven’t made the move to CC yet? You can check out the current plans being offered by Adobe here (they have some great deals for students): Adobe After Effects CC Plans

Here’s the top 15 After Effect tutorials for 2018…

Before we begin....


1. After Effects Basics in 20 Minutes

This tip-packed tutorial stands as one of the best intro tutorials out there. With a 20 minute duration, this is about the most you can learn about After Effects in that time.

2. Advanced Color Grading

Color grading can do wonders to your footage.....but only if done right. This step-by-step advanced tutorial will teach you how to get the most from your footage with color grading.

3. Mask Text Behind Objects

Learn how to create professional looking titles with objects in the foreground like you see in the movies.

4. After Effects Beginner Tutorial

This is another tutorial focused on the beginner. However, there's a few pointers even more advanced users will find helpful. This tutorial goes into more detail into masking and making your mask blend well into a scene.

5. Disintegration Effect

You've probably seen this effect before. An object or person disintegrates into particles.  It's actually a simpler effect to achieve than you'd think. Follow along with this 10 minute tutorial to make your own disintegrations.

6. Intro to Animations in After Effects

Learn how to make unique animations to liven up your video. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to create lower thirds, logo animations, and video intros.

7. Advanced Masking Tutorial

Masking can be tricky.... especially with fast-moving or transforming objects. This tutorial will teach you some advanced masking techniques to make masking much less frustrating.

8. Advanced Keying Techniques

Want to take your keying to the next level? Follow along with this After Effects tutorial to get the most out of your green screen footage.

9. Pull Someone Into A Photo Effect

Learn a great effect for travel montages (or just a unique transition in general). This tutorial will teach you how to have a person in a photograph 'pull' you into the photo.

10. Soul Effect from Doctor Strange Movie

Want to make it look like your 'soul' is leaving your body like in Doctor Strange? Use this step-by-step guide to accomplish the impressive effect.

11. Create Fire in Your Hands

This how-to video will walk you through how to make it look like you're wielding fire with your hands/fingers using tracking and some free stock footage provided in the video's description.

12. Sub Surface Skin

Create a cool skin texture similar to the effect seen in movies including Ironman 3 using tracking and animation.

13. 3D Text Animation

Follow along with this walk-through to create a unique intro or transition with moving 3D text.

14. 5 After Effect Transitions

Learn how to do 5 different professional-looking transitions in After Effects using multiple tools within the program (and no third-party plugins like many transitions require).

15. Sky Replacement

Have a sky in your footage you don't like? Use this tutorial to learn how to completely replace it. Create more realistic looking skies or maybe even go with something Sci-Fi!

So there they are.....the best 15 After Effects tutorials for 2018. Have any other suggestions? Please feel free to comment. You can head over to Adobe's website to pick up a plan for After Effects and other packages (with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.).

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